Renal Lesson #3 Quiz

Answer the questions about dosing a patient on hemodialysis to reveal what the GPS directions are
(Hint: capitalized letters in the correct answer choices will lead the way)

What is the recommended loading dose for hemodialysis patients?

If a patient receives hemodialysis the same day or the very next day after a loading dose was administered, what should you do?

True/False: Loading doses are recommended in all patients

Once two consecutive prehemodialysis therapeutic levels are obtained, monitoring of vancomycin levels can done...

Which of the following is TRUE regarding hemodialysis dosing?

Patients not on a stable dialysis schedule should be dosed according to which dosing strategy?

Pulse dosing should be used for which patients?

What does the GPS directions say? (HINT: the capitalized letters in the correct answers will spell it out)

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