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Adult Vancomycin dosing






Skill Level

2:30 h





Join us in this epic course as you build on your vancomycin dosing skills while assisting Dr. Vanko, a Russian scientist, treat his father’s MRSA infection and escape the room. 

DR. Vanko's lab

Your friends and teachers assured you that learning vancomycin dosing would be easy, but they never warned you that you would be tasked with saving a man’s life.

As it turns out, you have been hired to help Ivan Vanko, a Russian scientist, save his father’s life in order to unlock the secret code to escape the course.

Dr. Vanko was working on a top-secret weapon. While testing the weapon, something went awry, and an explosion caused Dr. Vanko to suffer a penetrating injury. Due to the explosion, Dr. Vanko’s lab has initiated an emergency lockdown, trapping you and his son, Ivan, inside. Unfortunately, the only person who knows the code to unlock the room is Dr. Vanko, who is now unconscious.

Your expertise is needed now more than ever! Can you learn the equations and help treat Dr. Vanko’s infection?

Key concepts covered in this course include:

This course comes with:

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Learning Path

To prepare for your mission, we have compiled some essential key terms and background information to ensure your success in this vancomycin dosing course.

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Your next journey takes you to the drug itself, vancomycin. We will need to gather as much information about it as possible and determine if it is the right drug to treat Dr. Vanko’s infection.

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Now on to the fun part! Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental equations and break them down. Our goal is to understand the rationale behind the equations, increasing our confidence in applying them to save Dr. Vanko. A miscalculation could lead to grave outcomes.

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After reviewing the important terminology, background, and equations, it is finally time to grab your calculator. You will be going through step by step on considerations when dosing vancomycin and will get the opportunity to practice and test your comprehension of the equations.

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Now that you have gotten some practice using the equations, it is time to collect some data by determining what we need to monitor.

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