ototoxic drugs⁠

Ototoxic Drugs⁠

ototoxic drugs⁠

Hear me out as we discuss ototoxic drugs⁠

👂 Ototoxicity is a medication side effect involving damage to your inner ear. It can cause symptoms like ringing in your ears (tinnitus), hearing loss and balance problems.⁠

🌟 The risk for ototoxicity depends on the type of medication (common in some medications than others), the dose and duration of the medication, if you’re taking a combination of ototoxic drugs, and genetics. ⁠

🛑 The treatment is to stop the offending ototoxic agent. This often helps reverse the symptoms, although some ear damage may be permanent. ⁠

🌟 The most common drugs associated with ototoxicity includes aminoglycosides, chemotherapy such as cisplatin, loop diuretics, and salicylates. Check out today’s post to learn a fun mnemonic on other drugs that can cause ototoxicity. ⁠

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