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👊🏻 Drug-induced liver injury 🥊⁠

💊 There are SO many medications that can cause liver injury through various mechanisms. However, some key medications have black box warnings for liver toxicity and are more well-known for their risk. These are the ones that you should know for exams! 🗒️⁠

🔺 Hepatoxic drugs are usually well tolerated unless high doses are administered. In most cases, the primary treatment is to STOP the drug, especially when liver enzymes (AST and ALT) rise 3 times above their upper limit of normal.⁠

🧠 Some other helpful memory tips:⁠
-Acetaminophen’s brand name is Tylenol which looks similar to ‘Tired Liver’. ⁠
-Nefazodone and Nevirapine are never used anymore due to their severe liver toxicity so think never-zodone and never-apine. ⁠
-KEToconazole can KILL your liver⁠

🤔Some of them are a stretch but if you’re willing to try them out and they help you retain the information then that’s a win in my books. ✌🏻⁠